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About the CRSI Education and Research Foundation


The CRSI Foundation began in 1981-1982 by a group of determined individuals dedicated to expanding the reinforced concrete construction industry’s educational activities. The idea to provide for the industry’s future success by assisting with the continued availability of talented people and new technology grew as the years passed.


The CRSI Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization that enjoys tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code. It was formed to foster the education and research mission of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute.

The CRSI Foundation assists and provides guidance in the development of educational activities and materials both within and outside the Institute. This is facilitated through educational programs for students majoring in civil engineering, architecture, and other related disciplines at colleges, universities, and technical training schools. As appropriate, the Foundation will also assist in apprenticeship training programs. In addition, the Foundation makes college students aware of opportunities in the reinforced concrete construction industry. The Foundation also helps support research and educational programs that will ultimately improve and advance the reinforced concrete construction industry.


  • Sponsorship of Employees & Industry and Undergraduate scholarship programs.
  • Sponsorship of targeted undergraduate scholarships at prominent civil/structural engineering schools in the United States (one per CRSI region), and three named scholarships.
  • Offsetting the cost of CRSI educational materials for structural engineering students
  • Continuing to explore opportunities to partner on research related to reinforced concrete design and construction, especially concerning high-strength reinforcement.

Fundraising for the CRSI Foundation has been primarily accomplished by private donations and special events, the Atlantic Region Golf Tournament, the Western Region Golf Tournament (formerly the TAMCO/CMC Fontana Steel golf tournament) and the CRSI Foundation Golf Tournament at the CRSI Annual Conference. Contributions to the Foundation can also be made on this website under the Donations tab.

The CRSI Foundation has information on making the Foundation part of your charitable trust through planned giving. Contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations, such as the CRSI Education and Research Foundation are tax deductible. For further information regarding the CRSI Foundation Federal Tax ID Number, call 847-517-1200 or contact us via email.