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CRSU Foundation Strategic Plan

In 2008, the CRSI Foundation Board approved a strategic plan for the Foundation’s long term growth and prosperity:

Long-Range Goal

By 2020, increase Foundation funds to $10 million, with a goal of spending $500K annually on education and research activities.

Strategic Priorities: (3 to 5 Year Priorities)

  • Fundraising – Set a goal of raising at least $500,000 per year to support the Foundation’s long term goal; establish East Coast and Midwest versions of the successful TAMCO/CMC Rebar (Fontana) partnership events.
  • Scholarships – Continue to provide up to $100,000 in scholarships/grants to worthy students attending universities supporting steel-reinforced concrete programs. Establish annual CRSI undergraduate scholarships at one prominent civil engineering program in each CRSI region.
  • Research – Identify at least one research project annually that will support the use of steel-reinforced concrete from potential research projects identified by the CRSI Research and Development Committee.
  • Governance – Provide for ongoing and future leadership of the Foundation; work to provide representation from each CRSI region on the Foundation Board.