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Contributing to the CRSI Foundation

Contributors to the CRSI Foundation help support the annual undergraduate scholarships sponsored by the Foundation. In 2009, the Foundation began sponsoring dedicated annual scholarships to prominent civil engineering programs in each CRSI Region, coordinating this effort with CRSI Region activities. These programs prepare the next generation of design and construction professionals with the information they need to understand the benefits of building with reinforced concrete.

Contributions also support graduate research fellowships on topics important to advancing the state of the art of reinforced concrete. Potential research topics are identified by the CRSI Research and Development Committee. Proposals are solicited from leading research programs and awarded annually. In many cases, Industry sponsorship through the Foundation leverages significant additional resources from research institutions or government agencies.

Contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations such as the CRSI Foundation are tax deductible. The CRSI Foundation Federal Tax ID Number is 36-3675493

The ultimate fundraising goal for the CRSI Foundation is to build an endowment of $10 million by 2020, the interest from which will sustain approximately $500,000 in annual program funding to support a greater number of scholarships and research programs to advance the industry.

Please consider donating to the CRSI Foundation and help build the future of reinforced concrete!