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Research Program

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) Foundation sponsors an annual research fellowship program to carry out basic research needed for the steel reinforced concrete industry. The Foundation sponsors research fellowship awards of $30,000 each, intended to support a candidate conducting master’s degree-level research focused on steel reinforced concrete. Doctorate (PhD) level research will also be considered; if the fellowship forms part of a larger research program, the research component slated for this fellowship must be specifically delineated.

The proposed research work must clearly elaborate on the research application to the reinforced concrete field and anticipated contributions to the state of the art. Proposers are encouraged to procure matching support from other sources and work with their CRSI regional manager to coordinate with local suppliers, fabricators and/or steel mills. The Foundation also gives some preference to a researcher at the assistant professor level to assist in starting a research program in its evaluation and selection.

The CRSI Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the advancement of reinforced structural concrete through education and research. Projects funded by the CRSI graduate fellowship program are intended for the exclusive use of supporting a graduate student. CRSI limits the amount of institutional overhead that may be charged to 15% of direct costs. However, it is our preference that the proposer excludes university overhead costs to maximize the award to the student / project.

Research solicitation announcement statements are typically issued in December. Submission of the brief research project proposal is then due the following January or February. The proposals are then evaluated by the CRSI Research and Development Committee at the Spring Business & Technical Meeting (usually in April), and submitted for approval by the CRSI Foundation in October.