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Research Needs

The CRSI Graduate Fellowship Program is focused on sponsoring a wide variety of research projects involving steel reinforcing bars. Reinforcing bars are used in all types of construction: cast-in-place concrete, precast/prestressed concrete, post-tensioned concrete, and reinforced masonry. Engineering research needs are solicited for the following major areas:

  • Structures
  • Materials (physical properties, chemistry) and corrosion durability
  • Industry practice
  • Metallurgical / manufacturing
  • Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP)

CRSI has prepared the following list of high-priority projects for our industry, which is updated on an annual basis:

  1. Re-assessment of Bend Diameters for Reinforcing Bars
  2. Standard Test for Headed Bars
  3. Headed Bar Clustering Effects
  4. High-Strength Headed Bars
  5. Mechanical Splices for High-Strength Reinforcement

Some information on the program and submission guidelines is available for download in the following document:

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CRSI Research Indirect Cost Policy 2011
CRSI Research Indirect Cost Policy 2011 FINAL.pdf
(33.2 KB PDF File)